About the company

Intellectual-Protection (I-P Ltd.) - is a Russian leading law company that represents customers’ interests in all federal districts of the Russian Federation. I-P Ltd. offers expertise in all areas of IP protection, including trademark, copyright and patent protection; as well as anti-counterfeiting/piracy and infringement protection.
We provide legal services based on professional solving of problems within the framework of the effective legislation and do our work in compliance with the highest world standards. Our customers are well-known foreign and Russian companies.
I-P Ltd. provides a full package of legal services and enforcement activities from registration of trademarks and patents to recovering compensations for IP infringement and destruction of counterfeit goods. Our expertise in the above mentioned field is valued and recognized by the world’s leading brands and IP owners.
Protection of IP is a vital corporate objective necessary for further growth and survival. Development of long-term business relations with our customers is a characteristic feature of our company. Through individual and responsible approach combined with insights and legal expertise of our attorneys we guarantee our customers effective solutions for their problems.

We will provide your company with the best opportunities to ongoing profitability and successful development.

The Team of I-P Ltd.