Trademark Protection Program

Together with the specialists of Vlasta-Consulting Company our experts participate in implementing of the comprehensive Trademarks Protection Program that has been launched in Russia since 2003. The Program pursues to protect and prevent domestic and foreign trademarks from infringing usage.

It involves a complex of measures to reduce the incidence of counterfeit production under the logos of trademark owner, and includes:

  • Collection, analysis, and structuring of information on facts of violation of the registered trademarks;
  • Identification of infringers of trademark owner’s rights;
  • Legal support and assistance to a trademark owner within civil, criminal and administrative claims against organizations and individuals involved in production, distribution and sale of counterfeit goods;
  • Assistance to law enforcement and customs authorities in investigating into a trademark infringement;
  • Assistance to law enforcement authorities in performing inspections at the sites of production, storage, and sale of counterfeit goods;
  • Making an expert official examination of withdrawn products;
  • Representation of trademark holders in law enforcement, customs, antimonopoly authorities, and in court;
  • Legal assistant to trademark owners in penalty exacting from accused infringers;
  • Destruction of withdrawn counterfeit products upon a court decision;
  • Monitoring and marketing analysis for counterfeit products.